Prepaid is part of our everyday lives

It is regularly used by millions of consumers in the form of various products. The Prepaid Association of Germany represents its members’ interests by further developing the prepaid market.



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Core tasks of PVD

Aim of the PVD is to give the public an understanding of the prepaid variety and the prepaid industry. For that, a continuous dialogue is essential.

The PVD represents the prepaid industry, which is greatly grown in recent years. Here the PVD strives to communicate openly with the media and the public and to promote dialogue. The aim is to make the products of PVD members more transparent for consumers and customers. Exactly this contributes to an increased understanding of the wide range of prepaid industry. In addition, the PVD informes about the prepaid products and the latest developments. The PVD is effectively representing the interests of all member companies. To ensure this, the association organizes regular meetings for exchanging experiences and opinions.

What the PVD does exactly

The PVD has set itself the task of representing the common interests of its members in all fields of the prepaid industry. This includes collecting, processing and sharing of market information, as well as drafting laws at national and international levels. Round-table discussions are held continuously to discuss regulatory issues with regulatory authorities. In addition, the PVD organizes the annual Prepaid Congress in Berlin.

Affair of Honour

In-house commitment
Download the association’s code of conduct for the issuance, processing and distribution of electronic prepaid products in Germany (Prepaid-Kodex Germany).

PVD association code


Current commentaries and position papers of the PVD

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